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Liz, 15

Middle of nowhere

Kind of gay, hella proud

Instagram: lizie_lou

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I want you. Simple as that,
I want to taste your skin on a Friday night anywhere—
somewhere under the stars and the moon and the sky.
I want you, I want to feel your touch on a couch in a basement—
with the lights off and a bad romance film acting as background noise to the sound of our heartbeats.
I want you. Constantly and consistently,
I want your fingers interlaced with mine, when walking anywhere—
somewhere in public where you proudly know people will be sure to see.
I want you, I want you, I want you.
Do you want me?

—    sydney (feelings-as-words.tumblr.com), “three big words” (via feelings-as-words)

Anonymous: Hey. You are an amazing person and you deserve to have an amazing life. Just because things don't seem too great right now doesn't mean they won't get better. So please do me this favor and just keep being amazing. I love you sweetie.

Things won’t get better. I’ve been waiting for things to get better for the last 4 years and nothing has changed.